Gratitude Challenge

I was listening to episode 224 of one of my favorite podcasts today, Awesome Ettiquite by the Emily Post Institute, and Lizzie Post mentioned the "Gratitude Challenge," which I had never heard of before. I am sure there are many ways to do this, but she described her challenge of writing down each morning three things that she is grateful for and then repeating this at the end of the day with another three things. She explained that this changes your outlook as you go about your day looking for things to be grateful for.

Giving thanks is something naturally woven into Jewish life and practice.  The traditional one-sentence prayer to be said upon waking expresses our thanks for being alive: "I am grateful to You, living and enduring King, for returning my soul to me in mercy; great is Your faith."   

There are many versions of the Gratitude Challenge; you can Google them and find different groups and websites starting challenges.  It's always fun to do something together with others and so my challenge to all of us is for the month of January.  For each day this month, try to think of one thing you are grateful for--it needs to be a different thing each day.  Please comment below with what you are grateful for, and we can inspire one another.  I will start- I am grateful for the beautiful weather we have in Boca Raton today!