A Prayer for Coronavirus Pandemic

A Prayer for during the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Please Hashem, may it be Your will to save those who are struggling at this very moment to live; we pray for a refuah shleyma--a complete healing--and that you grace them with life.  

May You mercifully send a refuah shleyma to those who feel they cannot breathe, or find relief from their fevers, or whose bodies ache.  For those who were already sick and for those who never thought they would ever get sick; for those who have sufficient health care and for those who are not receiving any health care--we ask for Your blessing.   

We beseech you to send solace to those with anxiety- to those who already suffered from anxiety and for those who have now developed anxiety.  Ease our fears about catching the virus from others, or the fear of touching surfaces and objects, or the fear of our loved ones or ourselves getting sick, or the fear we will not have enough- not enough food, water, and necessities.  

Uplift the spirits of those who are suffering from depression- for those who already suffered from depression and for those who have now developed depression--for those who have become listless from missing the sunshine and outdoors, or deadened by loneliness and isolation, or whose moods have plummeted from lack of exercise, or who endure painful sadness for not being able to gather in community.  

We entreat you to impart shalom bayit--household peace--to those whose family dynamics have become stressed because of constant seclusion, for those parents with children secluded at home to entertain, educate, feed, and care for, and for those who must take care of their children while working remotely.  We appeal to you, Maker of Peace, to make family relationships whole amidst the sudden change in routine.

G-d who sustains all life, we entreat you to bless with parnassah-- economic well being--all who are suffering financially-- those who were already suffering financially, and those who are now suffering financially-- those who have lost jobs, hours, and wages, and who now worry about meeting basic needs for themselves and their families.  

Hashem who inspires joy in our hearts, sooth us in our disappointment over weddings and other simchas that have been delayed or minimized, births celebrated with only a few people present, and burials of loved ones without the comfort of the community.

Stand by us in our disappointment over cancelled graduations, proms, anniversary trips, and all other once-in-a-lifetime milestones.  We will not be able to recover these moments. Help us support each other through these hardships; keep us from judging one another and comparing our suffering to that of others.

Send wisdom and understanding to those who neglect medical guidance; lead them in your path to protect themselves and others. Inspire a generous heart in those who are selfishly stocking more supplies than they need rather than looking out for the community.    

We plead for you to protect those working in hospitals, doctors offices, labs, and testing sites, and those who are caring for the mental, and emotional well being of others; give them wisdom and guidance, gird them with energy and strength as they selflessly put their lives at risk for us.

Give wisdom to our governmental leaders, here in our country and the rest of the world--grant them the ability to work together to be your servants in bringing about an end to this pandemic.

Hashem, we need your help to cope in positive ways with all of our suffering; may it be Your will to lessen our pain, and restore us to life so we can serve You.  Intercede and make us still and calm; allow us to be Your hands in our world, and to love one another selflessly. Give us patience and gratitude, and Hashem, please in your great compassion, end this pandemic.